Season One: Japan and Fukimura Edit

The first season in Love Put to Ice!!! is called Season One: Japan and Fukimura. This season circles around Yui Yukimura-Fukuoka and Yuuki Fukimura's relationship on and off the ice.

Sypnosis Edit

Yuuki Fukimura and Yui Fukuoka have been best friends since the day they stepped into their beginning ballet class taught by Misaki Katsuki . At 19 years old, they have been given the titles "The Queens of the Seniour Division". But when the judges have to pick one person to move on to the Grand Prix Final, their relationship crumbles as they try to best each other out. But, what they don't know is that they are actually being tested to see how the two queens of the ice cope when facing a hard challenge off the competitive ice.

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